Saturday, May 29, 2010

Simple Is Good

This may seem over simplified, but sometimes simple is good.  Why is it so hard to figure out that our taxes are too high, our government too big, and the social programs are too corrupt?
             I honestly believe that if the two sides would stop the power struggle and become part of the solution instead of perpetuating the problem, we could solve most of our country’s problems to the general populous’ satisfaction relatively quickly.  And we could do it while lowering taxes and still keeping the social programs.  You can actually be socially liberal and fiscally conservative if you are honest, efficient and effective.
            Here is my suggestion to do the above while helping decrease the unemployment rate across America.   Spend those stimulus dollars on hiring people whose sole job it is to check and make sure all the social programs such as, welfare, Medicaid, government housing, etc., are operating according to the law.  (But do it honestly and efficiently.  Think like the private sector. We don’t need a group of people all related somehow, making 6 figures each, to do the job of one man.  Let’s control the corruption at that level as well)
One job category per deception would do it.  For instance, one job description would be to track down anyone working under the table.  The person working under the table is automatically cut from the welfare ranks.  The employer is fined the amount the individual worker collected from the social service.  Another job would be to track down anyone collecting in multiple states.  Again, the deceptive party is automatically cut off.  A third job description might be to find anyone who is living with a baby daddy, but not claiming his income as part of the household income.  Again the offender is cut off from any benefits and the significant other is made to pay back the amount stolen from society while he/she lived in the household with the claimant.  Finally, and really isn’t this incredibly obvious, if you are a criminal, whether domestic or foreign, you get nothing.  You forfeited any societal assistance when you committed a crime against the society, including but not limited to, breaking laws to gain access to this country and it’s beautiful benefits.
            While we are at it, lets eliminate the incentives to have more children you cannot afford.  If you qualify for services legally and honestly, they are given to you, but you may not increase those benefits by having more children.  If you get $X a week and you are a family if 3 and then choose to become a family of 4, you still only get $X a week.  Those of us who pay our own way in the world actually have to make the hard choice sometimes not to have that second, third or fourth kid because we can’t afford to.  The same should be true for those we support with our tax dollars.  Why should I have to stop at two kids because my money is subsidizing your family of six?  I shouldn’t.
            The choice isn’t between screwing the taxpayers or helping the needy, it is really about controlling the corruption and giving only what is truly needed to those who truly need it.  So again I argue, if the politicians want to help this country and its people, it is fairly simple.  Stop thinking about yourselves, your images, and your agendas and do what is best for us.  Control the corruption and both sides get what they want, and more important, you’ll be doing what you were actually put in office to do, servicing the citizens, not your egos. Honest, efficient and effective, it is that simple.


  1. America would never let it happen. Obama is trying to make a fairer health system and America opposed it. What chance your ideas?

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  2. I agree with your suggestions, hopefully politicians in your country would agree too.

  3. I find Kiwi Riverman's comment perplexing; I would think that the people who opposed an Obama program that would raise taxes for those of us who actually pay in order to provide substandard care across the board, would be the same people who would like to see some of the common sense measures suggested by Madison. Remember, our country is a capitalist society. The socialist agenda of taking from those who work to give to those that do not cannot be sustained.

  4. Some good ideas! I stopped being political a few years ago - I would just get so frustrated!

  5. I seem to be on a political bend these days; but don't worry, not all of my rantings will tend that way. There are enough people who drop the door in your face or can't make change from a dollar to get my attention and thus my pen (keyboard).