Sunday, May 2, 2010

Random Act of Strangeness

Today’s flood victim is anonymous which is precisely WHY he or she has been voted off the ark.

Not only is common courtesy dead, but I actually think it has been erased from the collective memory of the human race.  This morning, as I am getting ready to take my son to his Karate class, I notice that a strange car is in my driveway.  There is also a large truck blocking the driveway so I can’t get out.  I go out, in my pajamas nonetheless, to let the 5 guys gathered out there know that I will be leaving in a half an hour and ask them to at least move the car so I can get out. 
It isn’t their car.  They don’t know whose it is.
Who parks a car in your driveway without asking or at least letting you know?
I guess given it is only 8:00 in the morning I should be glad that no one came ringing the doorbell, but have you heard of the phone?  Or you could leave a note letting me know who to contact if I need you to move it for any reason.  Or here’s a good one, park down the street.
It’s not that I mind anyone parking his or her car in my driveway; I have offered it before (we have a large driveway).  I just kind of expected the common courtesy of letting me know first.  It is startling to see a strange vehicle sitting on your property, especially one with random dirty clothes in the back that you have never seen before. 
But it must be someone affected by the work being done right?  It must be a neighbor, too coincidental if it’s not.  But if you don’t see another post appear by the end of next week, assume that it was the abandoned vehicle of a vagrant murder that broke in and slaughtered us all.  

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  1. That's creepy. I wouldn't let it just sit there. I'd call the cops to make sure it wasn't stolen, and if not, I'd have it towed.