Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Public Education Is Only Free If You Steal It

When the flood comes, I am not going to save criminals.  Yes they are people too, but they are immoral people and my ark is strictly for those with moral fortitude.  I wish my country were too.

When I was a public college professor I was forced to join the teachers’ union.  And yes I mean forced.  I fought it, and was told that if I didn’t join I couldn’t work there any more (by the way, I no longer work there) but I’ll get into that at another time.  The reason I didn’t want to join is because I don’t agree with their political agenda and unfortunately they use my money to advocate their politics sending out flyers telling me and all the other teachers, what to think, how to vote, and what our position should be on an issue, national issues, not just teaching related ones. As if simply because we are teachers we must vote as a block and are not allowed to think for ourselves.  SURPRISE!  I can (and do) think for myself.  So as much as it will piss off the teachers’ union, this is what I think about your mass e-mail telling me to contact my Governor and ask him to support in-state tuition for ILLEGAL immigrants.

LIFE 101: Despite what you may have been told not everyone is entitled to everything. You make choices in life and those choices have consequences, and they should.  I’ve heard you whining, “that isn’t fair” well let me tell you what I think isn’t fair.
As educators, we are always complaining that we do not have enough resources to adequately teach our young people and yet you want to stretch those resources even further to give a discount to people who are NOT citizens of Massachusetts, but also not even citizens of the United States. 
What is unfair is that these criminal families have been exploiting what resources we do have by stealing a FREE public education from this commonwealth and country at a cost of over a billion dollars even by the most conservative estimate. 
What is unfair is that legal immigrants and natural citizens have had to pay for this same public education not only for their own children, but also for those who are obtaining it illegally. 
These criminal families have been abusing the system for as many years as their children have been in this country illegally. At what point do we as a people expect the same level of personal responsibility from these people as we do from ourselves?  It is true that most of these children had no say in the criminal activity that their parents imposed on them; however, in THIS country, we hold parents responsible for their minor children and thus the decisions the parents make naturally affect the children.  What people seem to have forgotten is that these parents, not the rest of us, are responsible for their children.  Why should an illegal alien derive more of a benefit from our education system than legal citizens?  Why should a legal citizen wanting to attend U-Mass who happens to LEGALLY reside in a neighboring state such as New Hampshire, have to pay more to attend U-Mass than someone whose whole family has broken laws to reside ILLEGALLY in Massachusetts.
We need to stop subsidizing all the criminal activity currently taking place in this state and this country.  Reward good behavior not illegal behavior.  Stop enabling the entitlement of criminals to benefits neither earned nor deserved.

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