Friday, May 28, 2010

Feel Good Friday

In clicking through on other sites, I came across and saw her call for Feel Good Friday.  Since I spend most of my blog ranting about the annoying things in life, I thought perhaps it might be a nice change if I took a few minutes today to appreciate the little things that make me happy.  Per her suggestion, below is a list of 5 things that happened this week to make me smile.

  1. My eldest son participated in a family day at school.  It was nice to see him interacting with his classmates and get to see the program they prepared for the parents.  In addition to singing Frere Jacque in French and English, they sang it in Chinese.  That was pretty cool.
  2. When I was punishing my eldest son, his little brother begged me not to, even though the punishment was for hitting him.  When I asked him why he didn’t want his brother to be sent to his room the little one responded, “because I love him.”
  3. My youngest (not yet two) spontaneously started singing “daddy daddy, I love daddy.” Too sweet.
  4. My mom called and took me out for lunch, just her and I; no kids; no husbands, just girl time.
  5. I started writing this list and realized I have a lot more than 5 things I could put on it.  I have a great husband, awesome kids, a terrific family and a multitude of blessings.  I love my life and that makes me smile.


  1. See! Isn't FGF a great thing? Thank you so much for participating!!!

  2. In the spirit of Feel Good Friday, I have to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your commentary on life. I have particularly enjoyed the ones that make me laugh like your initial post, and "On the Lighter Side". I also thought your recent post on the "Catholic Paradox" was well argued, with a very fluent discussion that brings you to a natural conclusion. Keep it up!

  3. Your little son sticking up for your older one was so sweet! I love moments like that. Mine are only 2 years and 7 months, but those little moments of pure affection are amazing! Thanks for stopping by my blog. (And peanut butter syrup... that sounds incredible! Thanks for the idea.)

  4. FGF is a great thing, Laura. Thank YOU so much for starting it.

  5. Welcome to FGF. Your post got me all heartwarmed and mushy. That's a good thing. Thanks.