Friday, June 11, 2010

Another Feel Good Friday!

To all my regular followers and anyone new who has stopped by recently, I am sorry for the shortage of posts this week, but I was on a short vacation. I thought being away would leave me with a lack of material, but I was wrong.  There are still plenty of annoying and rude people when you are on a vacation.  Of course there are, THEY aren’t on vacation, you are.  Anyway, I will update you on the entitled and rude people I encountered another time.  Today is Feel Good Friday so lets focus on the positive.  My five things are really easy this week.  I had an awesome week!  There is a lot for me to choose from, but here are the highlights.

  1. I got a chance to take my mom away for a three day get-away to celebrate her birthday.  I have had about 40 years of her doing for me and it was great to get to do something big for her for a change, Happy Birthday Mom!
  2. Because I was away from home, the kids, chores and stress, I got to catch up on my sleep.  I went to bed early one night (no late night potty run) and got to sleep in until I woke up by myself instead of to a chorus of “mommy, I want to get up now” “I need to go potty” and “what should I wear today.”
  3. I missed my husband and my kids a ton and was so refreshed when I came home that I really enjoyed their company.
  4. My nephew graduated from high school!
  5. I finished a great book entitled Wednesday Sisters in three days.  I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good book and some inspiration.

Those are just a few snippets of what made my week such a good week.  For glimpses into other people’s, check out Feel Good Friday here. I hope you had a great week too.  Either way, it’s time to start the weekend!


  1. Yay! Sounds like you had a great time. :o)

  2. Sounds like every mothers dream, a relaxing weekend away. And a dream for your mother too. Have your best week ever.

  3. I love what you did for your mom. So sweet and thoughtful. My mom is right next door and we can barely get together for dinner alone!