Thursday, June 24, 2010

America Conceeds Land To Mexico or : Get The Lunatic Out Of My House

Okay,  I have to say it; Obama does not get on my ark.  For many reasons, not the least of which is that I will require verification and a background check and he won’t produce a birth certificate to authenticate my search, so right there he’s denied.  But today’s reason is the prevailing problem of his refusal to protect America starting with Arizona.

       The US has closed parkland in Arizona to citizens because the illegal drug trafficking and human trafficking has made the land too dangerous.  So in essence, America just gave territories 80 miles inside OUR border to the Mexicans.  Just handed it over without a fight.
       You realize that America has spent billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives fighting to protect other people’s borders from being infiltrated.  We lost approximately 58,000 lives in Vietnam, 110,000 lives in WWI and almost 300,000 in WWII (google it), and in none of those wars was America infiltrated. Now, when the Mexicans are crossing into our country, some heavily armed, trafficking drugs, arms, and humans, we can’t secure out own border?  Bullshit. Of course we can, but we won’t.
       The signs posted by the government warning American citizens to stay out of the parkland are an embarrassment.  For God sakes, use our military for what it was designed to do, protect America.  It would not take years or even months for our military to go into that parkland and drive out the invaders.  I doubt it would even takes weeks if we went to our own border and fought as hard to secure it as we have to secure the borders of our allies.  The message Obama is sending? The people of America are not his allies.  In my book, it is treasonous to allow invaders to take over our land without even a fight, a fight we could so easily win with our high-powered weapons, tanks, land mines and other military tactics.  Isn’t that one of the main responsibilities of our government, to protect its citizens?  What takes higher priority than our safety and the security of our land?  The answer isn’t, but should be, nothing!
       For those of you who are happy to live in New Jersey, or Michigan, or Massachusetts and not have to worry about part of your states being taken from you and handed over to citizens of another nation, think of it in these terms.  What is happening in Arizona is like this:

Your neighbor decides to commandeer your bedroom so he can do his drug deals out of it.  You call the police and say “My neighbor has just pointed a gun at my head and insisted I let him have a portion of my house.  Come arrest this lunatic.” 

And the police respond by saying “All of your house?”

“No he says he wants the bedroom and I can stay in the rest of my house with my wife and kids as long as we stay out of his way, pay the rent, and make sure no one bothers him.”

“Well then, it sounds like it isn’t safe in your bedroom, I’d stay out.”


“Well, you still have the other rooms, you should be happy with that.  Don’t bother the guy, stay out of his way, and I’d make sure you pay the utilities and taxes on time, you want to make sure he has everything he needs so he doesn’t become a problem.”

“Become a problem!  Are you kidding me?  I own this house. There is an intruder in my house.  You are the police.  You take an oath too protect and serve.  So protect and serve, come get this lunatic out of my house!”

“Sorry sir, we can’t do that.  Have a nice day.”

Do you get it now?  We need our government to protect us.  We need them to reclaim our land and our resources.  For God sakes: Get the lunatic out of the house! 


  1. Bravo, Madison. Eloquently stated. It always bugged me that we would send billions of dollars to feed children in Africa while there were so many hungry here in America. Ever been to Appalachia? I have. Yet entire regions are neglected because it isn't "trendy" to be needy there. Same thing with our foreign policy- we spend countless dollars and lives securing foreign borders while ours are encroached on every day. If I was a landowner along our southern border, would be so mad at the way my security would not be prioritized.

  2. Amen! This is frustrating beyond belief. Great post.

  3. Excellent post, Madison. Instead of keeping American citizens out of the American part, perhaps the people that should be kept out are... I don't know, Mexicans?

    You should further state that a more important duty of our government than protecting us is that duty to protect our liberty and secure such state borders that border foreign entities.

    The general government of this generation will not do that, of course. They are obviously interested in degrading the rights and liberties of states by degrading their individual security.

    Remember: We must be made dependent upon the general government in order to relinquish our individual liberty.

  4. Don't forget that you cannot question their right to be there because you may be profiling.. Ignore the drugs and guns; this alone is not probable cause to will soon be the norm

  5. A-freakin'-men, Madison. I hadn't heard about that park closing until reading it here, and it's absolutely despicable.

  6. Hey Madison -

    you asked some time back that I come check this post out... well, here I am finally!

    I love the bedroom analogy - makes perfect sense.

    Of course what is happening on - and now inside - our border makes no sense whatsoever, but hey... we have a Marxist president, what do you expect?