Friday, September 10, 2010

Eating A Mexican Calzone

I love The Girl's Feel Good Friday concept because it takes me out of my annoyed with humanity head space and gives me a chance to focus on something positive.  Something I should certainly do more of.  So please check out her concept here and give it a try yourself.  In the meantime, I hope you will indulge me in my Feel Good Friday post much the way I indulged myself.

Eating a Mexican calzone, that is my Feel Good Friday moment.  A little delayed because I had it about three weeks ago, but it made me happy enough to remember it and post it now.  Why would a greasy simple foodstuff make my Feel Good Friday post you ask?  Well because I haven’t had one in the almost 20 years since college when I used to have at least one a week, and that is not for lack of trying.
            There was an awesome little shop called P-Zone out where I went to college and among all the other ordinary calzones, they had a Mexican version that was to die for.  Literally given all the fat and cholesterol, but it was delicious and I was young and active enough to eat them regularly without paying for it with much more than a little heart burn now and then.  Since graduating and leaving that little college town, I have not been able to find a single pizza joint or Mexican restaurant that would make a Mexican calzone.
            That was until I went to a writing conference in August and found a place that advertised as both a pizza joint and a Mexican food restaurant.  Surprisingly enough, when I called and asked for a Mexican calzone they said they didn’t have one on the menu.  Huh?!  How could they serve calzones and Mexican food and NOT a Mexican calzone? But I went forward and asked them if they had taco meat and tomatoes and cheese and lettuce and salsa, and when I got the answer of yes to all of the above, I asked them if they could put them all together into a calzone.  The girl taking orders on the phone said to hold on she’d have to ask. 
Ask she did, and their answer was yes!  I was a little hesitant because if they had never made one before maybe it wouldn’t be any good, but it was fabulous!  Not only did it taste terrific, but it also brought me back to a very happy nostalgic time.  That is why a fattening greasy comfort food is my Feel Good Friday post this week.  Happy eating!


  1. Yum! Never heard of that before! But since I always have frozen pizza dough in my fridge (nothing says Frugal like throwing a bunch of leftovers into a calzone) I'll definitely try it! Thanks for the post, and inspiration for the season starting football food!

  2. I know the diet experts say to treat it just as nourishment, but food nearly always makes me feel good.

    Happy eating indeed!

  3. Great! Once I almost wrote about the cheese sauce pump at Fudruckers. I love that thing and it made me so happy. I can totally relate to food being a FGF moment!