Wednesday, September 22, 2010

AdSense Scam Widespread

Ah ha, I was right.  If you google AdSense this site comes up in the top ten.  Check it out for more on their unethical business practices.


  1. OH NO! I feel like i am making NO MONEY with AdSense. They said they'd be sednign me an email every week for 4 weeks to learn the program. Only 1 and this is week 3.

    So what are some other options for earning a touch of revenue?

  2. I'm looking into switching away from all things Google. I am not as savy in creating and moving blogs as I'd like to be so I am looking for help from one of my readers. I may contact The Girl because I noticed she is not on blogger. But my next step is to look into wordpress and then I will research different ad options. Anyone out here with advice please feel free to give it.