Sunday, April 17, 2011

I'm Back....Or Am I?

Yes I am still middle-aged and yes I am still having my mid-life crisis.  And yes, I still bump into all those rude, stupid, self-important, entitled people.  Who doesn't?

I have been on a bit of a hiatus. I first strayed due to the AdSense scam and my inability to find a more deserving venue.  I stood on my principals for a while, but eventually those principals got tired of holding me up, and let go.  It felt more like a bite off your nose to spite your face thing after a bit.  I mean really, Google doesn't care whether I am out here or not.  Then my absence was more about time, or I suppose if I am honest, priorities.  I stopped writing because I was focusing more on that job that I scorned in my last posting and yes, it is still all those things and less.  But, it pays the bills, well some of them anyway.  What it doesn't due is allow me an outlet for my frustration or validate that frustration like you all do.  So I am wondering, do you miss me?  Should I come back?  Will you forgive my extended absence and follow my rantings once again, or will you snub me like you might a misguided lover and leave me to wallow in my own inadequacies?  Let me know if you are out there and if I will be granted a second chance.  I have postings and will work for validation.  After all, I am not working for much more than that at my other job.


  1. Madison, you must give us more - we are hungry for news from the front lines - offer us your unique perspective and sarcastic interpretation of everything from parenting to rudeness to ignorance to jobs that stink! Come back!

  2. A post! Nice to hear from you again. :o)