Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Are you &**#*(@ing me?

Once again, I have to subject ignorant employers to reality and to a long walk down a short plank on the ark.  I mean really people, get a clue!

So I have to post again about my wonderful job search, which is now going on 18 months...that is right 1 1/2 years since I was laid off.  If you've checked in before, you know I have been looking, and looking and looking, as has my husband also going on 18 months.  I have looked in my old industry, explored new ones and even been offered a job...yes, but don't get too excited.  Because after 6 years of college and working hard on my thesis to get a terminal degree (sounds dangerous doesn't it?), which I obtained over 15 years ago and thus I have plenty of experience, the job I was offered is part time and pays minimum wage.  A fact they concealed pretty well throughout the interview process.  But it has potential for full time, which still pays crap, but gives myself, my husband and our three little chickens the health insurance I need.  Only problem is, I need to work up to that and it could take 9 months to a year.  In the meantime, they want me to guarantee that I won't take a full time job and leave after they spend so much time training me; paid training they said to entice me.  When interviewed, and before being told how much this job actually paid, I agreed.  But really, are you %^#%#*ing me?!  You want me to commit to working maybe, MAYBE 8 hours a week at $8.00 and expect me to cease looking for something that would say actually cover the cost of the gas it takes to get me there.  I mean really, my babysitter costs more than I make so how can I commit to something so ludicrous.  I took the job. I need something flexible and if my husband gets hired anytime the near future, the job is rewarding if you look at it like slightly subsidized charity work.  But seriously people....

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  1. Yeah, I took a job that's well below what I'm used to making, but I can work from home, which is nice. I was promised benefits, but now they're saying that might not happen, which has me irked. Hopefully I'll know more Monday.

    But I'm still looking...